Illustration for Celisse's Artist Series Edition of Keeley Electronics' Monterey Pedal.
"With the Keeley Monterey Workstation you take one step back in time and two steps forward.  The Monterey is a surrealistic envelope of neo-vintage effects.  It combines classic sounds with new interpretations to create a modern timbre and audio spectrum for guitarists...
    ...The Monterey Celisse Artist Series Edition features an illustration by Lia Sued C. The art was recreated using Keeley’s UV printers over a deep purple sparkle powder coated case."
"When given the chance to bring my own personalized artwork to this pedal, I wanted something that not only represents how incredibly vibrant and colorful Jimi’s music is, but also speaks to what a joyful experience it is to play through this pedal. Lia Sued is the incredible graphic designer who brought this pedal to life, and Patrick Churvis is the visionary director who is responsible for the Hendrix inspired video we created" 
"It’s adorned in gorgeously psychedelic custom artwork by Lia Sued C."